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Actionable X-Ray Insights Into Your Practice

I’m Rick Louis – Program Director of ePayLegal – The 1st BAR Compliant finance platform that allows you to offer clients financing that meets All 5 BAR rules.

That matters because you can Now help people get the counsel they want & need Without being their ‘bank’ OR risk losing your license with a non-compliant program.

That’s Important for Two Reasons

1st, Because a non-compliant operator faces Zero penalty for the charade – You’re the one with skin in the game – The BAR can’t hurt Them; You’re the one with the BAR card.

Second is your upside – Because since 2008 nearly 70% of All consumer purchases over $3,000 Happened with finance – So those rules Unmet – Cut Deep into the number of folks you can help – & That can make All the difference in your Practice.

Imagine how different life would be – If just 2 out of 10 of the Consults that simply vanished over the last year – Had Instead Retained & Paid you In Full.  It Really adds up.

That’s what we help you do – It’s a Game Changer.

A valuable lesson in practice growth, compliance, & peace of mind.

If you’ve looked around this site a bit, you’ve also seen we do a lot more than finance, – We’ve been around 20 years for a reason – It’s Because All we do follows a single theme:

Help you attract more clients, get paid fast & in full, And help you run your practice with greater efficiency & far less stress;

Yet every practice is different – What you want done depends on your situation and the challenges you face today;

For some it’s securing more clients PIF upfront instead of running payment plans & chasing your money;
For others it’s to slash your credit card processing costs & cut payment turn times – Or turn your old aging billables back into ready cash without damaging reputation or skyrocketing your insurance cost;

These issues are proven to cost today’s firms Vastly more than most realize

Everyone’s different though – You may only want one of these results, or you may want them all – That’s why we talk;  

To help you get Clarity on the Full scope & impact these issues Really cost you – Quite Likely it’s Far More than you now imagine;

You’ll get a Full picture of theses Hidden costs when we talk – It’s a real eye-opener;

Hidden holes in your practice you never saw before – That you can easily turn into more bottom line profit starting right now.

When you scroll down you can set a day and time that’s good for you.  Then you tell us what you want to address in this call, so we can laser focus on your concerns and the results you can expect should you choose to go forward.

The aim is to give you Actionable X-Ray Insights Into Your Practice; Whether or not our solutions are a fit for you & your firm – You’ll get value from our call.

January 2020 marks 20 years in business for ePay – Our success is built from 5 Star customer service of cutting edge platforms on a foundation of the Rotarian Creed:

Is it Honest? Is it Fair to All Concerned? It’s the only way we do business.

We hope this site serves you well & look forward talking with you soon.

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