ePay LawFlow Credit Card & Payments Processing

Lowers Transaction Costs and Streamlines Book keeping

Robust Flexible Payments & Billing Options Reduce Time-To-Cash

The ePay LawFlow platform with full Quick Books integration lets you expedite your collections process

By automating receivables with “smart” invoices on the fly

Easily set up affordable payment plans with automatic billing for clients to maintain Evergreen Trust Accounts

Save Time & Work Smarter

Why waste time chasing down customers for payment when you can just skip the manual process & increase cash flow with With “Smart” invoicing and recurring billing?

 With “Smart” invoicing and recurring billing – You consolidate your payments process and accept all types of payment faster and more efficiently.

 You can even customize your Smart Invoices with Review or Referral Requests to let your clients help you build your practice as easily as they pay their bill!  Now That’s leverage!

Easily set up Automatic Custom Reports so you Always Know Exactly what’s happening in your firm – Never be Surprised by another Cash-Flow “Gotcha!” with our Back Office Dashboard.

Seamlessly merge your accounting activity into QuickBooks with just a few clicks – So you’re  in total control of All Clients, revenues, costs,
& accounting day to day at the drop of a hat.

Reduce Costs With Wholesale Rates

We offer transparent, cost plus pricing to optimize savings. The card processors establish the interchange rates for all credit and debit card transactions. We simply pass through those costs to you with a small discount rate and transaction fee over those interchange rates. Our rates start as low as 0.05% and $0.05 over cost – Get a free cost analysis to show you how much you can save.

We also provide alternative, fixed-cost solutions like ACH processing so you can slash your costs while giving your customers another payment option.

While we offer wholesale credit and debit card rates, we also appreciate some may want to stay with their current processor, & We’re okay with that. With ePay LawFlow, You’re always in charge.

You can still can roll your existing merchant account into our platform to seamlessly run our ACH (electronic check) service, Integrated QuickBooks option or our “Arms Length” Collections program, to save money in every aspect of your accounts receivables & bookkeeping needs.

Save BIG With ACH Processing

Sale Amount





Credit CardIndustry Avg. Cost





Debit CardIndustry Avg. Cost





Electronic CheckActual Cost





Flexible, Custom-Fit Solutions

We understand the needs of our customers vary on a case-by-case basis and take the time to explain benefits & costs of every element of our offerings you find of interest.  You get the information you need to make the right choices for fast, profitable implementation. 

Are you happy with your current billing solution and just want to Get Paid Upfront & Not be a Clients Bank? No problem!

Do you like your current processor but want to Slash your CCD costs with our gateway ACH eCheck service? You can do that.

And if all you want is to turn your Uncollected Earned Billables into Cash with Exclusive “Arms Length” Collections, we get it –

That’s why All of our offerings are available “Ala-Carte” – So you can choose the solutions You want & get to know us better.  We’re confident you will find – Like thousands of other customers – That ePay Delivers on what we promise.

Our cutting-edge solutions will help your business reduce time-to-cash, lower transaction costs and enable new revenue; Try us once & you’ll see for yourself.

Billing Solutions

Get billing and payment plan solutions that help your firm work smarter while expediting the collections process by automating receivables, creating “smart” invoices on the fly and easily setting up affordable payment programs with automatic billing right in a Clients’ Inbox.

See how easily you can build ROI with wholesale rates and fixed cost options.

Dynamic Reporting

Dynamic reporting options give you the power to track custom data that your business relies on. Invoice number, Customer ID, Attorney, Case number, Matter Type, Court; you can create merchant defined fields to capture that data on every transaction, which can also be stored in the customer vault for future transactions and reporting.

One Time and Recurring Transactions

Swipe cards in the office, on a smart device, or
key in transactions from a signed payment
authorization. ePay Law Flow Allows your firm to process credit cards and electronic checks (a.k.a ACH) securely and efficiently.


Create a secure customer facing payments link that can be added to your Practice branded invoice, in an email or be placed on your website. Reduce the time for collecting receivables.


Send Invoices easily from within the gateway
while providing a secure payment link for easy
collection. Invoices are easily tracked as sent,
owed or paid and you can resend to a client with the click of a mouse.

Customer Vault

Store your customers payment information with full confidence of PCI compliance for future billing. Create a one-time charge, set up a recurring charge, or send an Invoice with the click of a mouse.

Merchant Defined Fields

Create practice defined fields – Including Referral & Review requests – and tie them to a transaction during the checkout process on the Virtual Terminal, Quicklink and Customer Vault Interfaces.

Quickbooks Sync

Process an invoice, a sales receipt and sync your settled transactions within Quickboks. All transactions run through the gateway, regardless of collection method can be sync within the gateway into your Quickbooks. Available for all PC Software Versions.

Integration Portal

API Documentation is provided to CRM’s, accounting software and their third party payment software developers. Please call us to discuss if you are interested in a potential partnership with ePay.