Why Offer Finance?

Because of These Two Major Trends

U.S. Savings (Forbes)

U.S. Earnings (SS Admin)

  • The Reasons WHY

  • 1.) People ask for a Payment Plan;

  • 2.) 6% of Admin Time is spent Chasing money;

  • 3.) Folks don’t Call even though they Need an Attorney;

  • 4.) And Up to 22% of Payment Plan Earned Billables Go Uncollected

ePayLegal Takes The Stress Out Of Financing Clients And Chasing Them For Money

ePayLegal takes all the stress out of creating a financing program, chasing down clients, and trying to get your payments.” 

Brett Schoneman, Former Marketing Director, Imhoff and Associates



The ePayLegal lending platform was built to meet the 5 BAR Rules governing client finance;

  • 1.) No compulsion to perform;
  • 2.) No limitation of Atty. choice;
  • 3.) No compensation other than collection of Actual legal fees;
  • 4.) Arms-length transaction;
  • 5.) Fair Market pricing

The program doesn’t just to help attorneys get paid – It removes the cost barrier for clients who need qualified legal help.

In Nov 2018 the ABA made it “official” with Formal Opinion 484 – An 11 page treatise.


“Client Friendly”

Clients Check Their Rate

With No Hit to Their Score

Because we only do a soft credit pull with the initial application, your clients know their loan terms before they apply.

Once your Client chooses an offer that works for them – The ePayLegal support team goes into action on your behalf to walk them through getting their loan Funded so You Get Paid.

Soup to nuts is just 3 to 5 days

And our program is Fully paperless.


Firm Friendly

From enrollment and training to servicing your clients’ offers and loan applications –

We make it Easy

Its like having your own personal finance department. We provide you with the tools and training and back it up with unmatched ongoing customer service & support.

All activity and communication is tracked through your online Back Office portal which provides real-time status updates on every applicant. –

So you’re Always in the loop with No Load on you or your staff.

Our platform was designed with simplicity and convenience in mind.

Sell a Payment Not  the Price    “A Spoonful of Sugar…

    • Retainer
    • Mo. Payment (As low as)
    • Term
    • $5,000

    • $152

    • 3 Years

    • $10,000

    • $235

    • 4 Years

    • $15,000

    • $352

    • 4 Years

    • $25,000

    • $483

    • 5 Years

“The Name of the Game”

Get Clients / Get Paid

Our Promise is Simple:

  • Never lose another “cash short” client that Could pay you In Full;

  • Never take on another client that Won’t;

  • Never waste another moment chasing your Earned Fees again

  • We work with more than 1,000 firms today To give you
  • A Better option

  • 1 Get Clients (affordable pmts vs Big out of pocket expense)
  • 2 Get Paidin Full & Upfront – Even from ‘cash short’ clients you  otherwise lose, turn away, or put on a plan
  • 3 Save time & money by Not managing a payment plan (6% of admin time is collections)
  • 4 Stop the loss of up to 22% of your fee that comes along with managing those plans.

Magic Metrics Calculator


The Top things a Prospective Client looks for on a lawyer’s website that impact their decision on which lawyer to hire

Years of experience the law firm has

Pricing / Rates / Fee Structure

Past case results on cases similar to your situation

Legal information on the type of legal issure you are having

Client testimonials

Office location

Pictures of the attorney and/or staff

Endorsements from a judge or retired judge

Awards & Memberships

Pictures of the law office

Videos that provide information about the law firm

Social media activity

Platform Benefits

No Firm or Case Restrictions

Traditional lending programs like to work with specific “preferred” markets. Unfortunately, Law Firms are not one of them.

They typically also have minimum requirements: Loan volume; time in business; annual revenue; & Personal Guarantees, to participate in their programs – And individual cases must be approved, often times leading to uncovered representation and partial funding. Plus most lenders typically fund only after services have been completed.

Because our program is direct-to-borrower, you are able to collect your fees upfront regardless of the case. Criminal Defense, Divorce, Family, Adoption, Immigration, Estate, IP, Tax, Business, License Defense, Labor and More can all be billed and collected from your client upfront.

No Recourse To Your Firm

Clients are funded directly and you are notified upon funding of the date & amount so you can collect your fees.

Even if the Client defaults on the loan there is no recourse to your firm – You’ll never even hear about it.

Plus you are only billed the 4.99% discount on your Initial Retainer collected.  That means if a Client gets $30,000 and the Initial retainer is only $7,000, you are only charged on that – Even if the matter goes through the whole $30k, there are No More Fees.

And, if a client decides to use the funds for another purpose, there is no charge or cost to you – Just let us know, & we zero the invoice.  We’re a team – If You don’t get paid – Neither do we.

Custom Landing Page & Enrollment Form

Every participating law office receives their own Practice Branded application link and custom landing page. Firms are able to have clients complete the application on the fly from any web-enabled device such as a laptop, tablet or smart phone. Application links can be emailed as well as set to link to from your website.

Fast & Flexible Offers

Our marketplace lending platform features immediate credit decisions and “check-your-rate” functionality which allows your client to check approval terms without affecting their credit score. Many applicants receive multiple offers from more than one lender providing an opportunity to the client to choose the offer that best suits their budget.

Get Paid Upfront

No more managing expensive payment plans or having to chase clients and the collection headaches it brings.  Operate with a fully funded upfront trust account secure in the knowledge you’re in control of your billings. Put your full attention into your Clients’ matter doing what you do best – Free of worry about if you’ll get paid, because you already are.

Join the 1,000+ Law firms that profit with the ePayLegal platform
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