Introducing Total Full Service “Arms Length” Collections

Protect your Time, Reputation, and Insurance Rates

Turn Your Uncollected Earned Billables Into Cold, Hard, CASH

Our Mission:

Find a Firm That

  • Was itself a Law Firm with National Reach

  • That “gets it” about Protecting Reputation

  • With an Established Track Record of Compliance & Success

  • And Knows How to structure for “Arms Length” when litigation is needed

We were after a UNICORN

A company whose focus is to transform your delinquent billables into Positive Cash Flow in a Highly Professional, Efficient, and Fully Compliant manner.

Whose collection teams not only understand the intricacies of the industry, but are Also adept at working with your client to Resolve their financial situation and secure for you Your Payment.

People that settle over 90% of all collections this way.

But Sometimes More is

When That’s the case –

And Only at Your direction –

With Full “Arms Length” Protection for You

That Can & Will Litigate And Enforce to Collect Your Money

Well, we finally Found our Unicorn

THEN we negotiated a Killer Deal for our Clients

  • 1 Letters (up to 10) supported with personal phone contact as required to settle – 94% Success Rate; Fee: 33% of collection
  • 2Litigation – Only at Your Direction; All costs Advanced; Enforcement & Collection; Fee: 40% of Collection
  • 3And deliver All of this for only $25 per month

Turns Uncollected Earnings into “Found Money

  • Experienced

    Management and collections teams have decades of experience in servicing debt portfolios.

  • Dedicated

    Custom recovery plans specifically tailored for your business or individual needs.

  • Portfolio

    More than 1,000,000 accounts managed with a total value greater than $3.5 Billion.


Years In Operation


Active Legal Garnishments


Total Portfolio Value


Satisfied Clients

“Arms Length” Full Service

Collection Benefits

No Collection, No Fee

All collections are on a contingency basis. There are no up-front fees or costs.  A fee is only earned After we collect your money.

Skip Tracing and Asset Searches

A cascading bundle of skip tracing tools are used to locate debtors and assets. Our skip tracing team has access to various websites and programs, as well as the ability to request a debtor’s credit report for further investigation.

Credit Bureau Reporting

Upon client approval, qualifying consumer accounts are reported to the Credit Reporting Bureaus if a payment or reasonable payment plan is not set-up within 45 days after account placement.

Data Security

IT personnel implement and maintain the most current and robust data security measures and encryption technology available. Fully PCI Compliant and with a Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Program. Compliance teams perform regular audits and vulnerability testing.

Working WITH Your Clients         The Key to Our Success

All  employees are specifically trained to help the debtor with their financial situation. We have found an empathetic approach is by far the most effective way to both promote goodwill & effect full collection,  It is the key to our success.

Education and Training

All employees undergo a rigorous training program upon being hired. Employees are trained and tested for knowledge of all governing collection laws and regulations, as well as the internal operations of our collection process and procedures. All employees undergo regular follow-up training throughout their employment.

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